Biofeedback is a type of physiotherapy that is used to help people who are having problems with controlling their anus and rectum (or back passage).

Biofeedback therapy is for people who suffer from faecal incontinence, chronic constipation or needing to retrain your bowel after surgery. The aim is to help strengthen the muscles around the anus and rectum to become stronger and hold onto bowel movements better, or to be able to open your bowels more effectively.

The biofeedback therapy programme we usually refer to is at the Bankstown Hospital SKC Wong Centre For Anorectal Diagnostics and Treatment  and is run by an experienced nurse trained in biofeedback techniques and education.

This treatment is integral in the management of these common problems, as there are many factors that affect bowel function and continence, and many need simple changes that the biofeedback nurse will discuss with you.

The program usually consists of monthly sessions, held in the centre, or over the phone for up to 6 months. The fist appointment will always be a face-to-face session at the centre. The biofeedback nurse will determine the type of therapy techniques you require for your condition and how long you will need therapy based on the information you give on how you are progressing.

After the treatment has been completed you may need to follow up with your specialist to see if any further surgical intervention is required.


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For appointments or more information please contact:

Doleen Bah: Biofeedback specialist nurse, SKC Wong Center for Anorectal Diagnostics and Treatment, Bankstown Hospital

Level 3, Main Entrance Bankstown Hospital Eldridge Rd, Bankstown 2200

Ph: 9722 8285 Fax: 9722 7734


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Please note: for an appointment, a referral from a specialist is required.


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